Best Shooting Games for PC/Laptop 2019

Gaming is something you will never be tired of. Prove me wrong if it. Ever since childhood, playing games will be the best hobby of any child whether its indoor or outdoor games. Personal computers were rare in 80s-90s but have a glance around. People are obsessed with computers. Gaming consoles have really changed the way we used to play games.

There are a lot of games available now because of the current rapid gaming development. Games with genre starting from the action, construction, racing to shooting, sports, fantasy and a lot more have been popping up in the market. If you are born in the 90s, you will have probably heard of IGI or call of duty. Oh man! That was the golden era of childhood. Recall those old COD characters from here:

Time has changed now. There are action, racing and shooting games with really eye-catching graphics which gives a great user experience. Let’s have a walk through the best shooting games of this era.

  1. Call of Duty (Black Ops)
    There are many releases of Call of Duty PC game. Out of all those, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is an incredible online multiplayer first-person shooter(FPS) that you should definitely play once in a while. You may feel some absurd gameplay in earlier versions of Call of duty, this version avoids all those possibilities. The game offers players three staggering new maps, another fight royale mode and a zombie mode with amazing graphics. It is also made available for mobile recently.

  2. Battlefield V
    Battlefield V is going to be your permanent choice if you are looking for shooting genre pc games. The second world war is illustrated in the form of stories inside this game. Pre-game scenes are worth watching which made us feel like we are actually watching a movie. Furthermore, similar to Black Ops 4, Battlefield V likewise lays accentuation on various new multiplayer modes, including a nonstop crusade mode, which really had gained a separate gamer base all around the globe.

  3. Destiny 2
    In the case that you're a devotee of single on-sight-shooter games, Destiny 2 should be on your gaming list for sure. You might have seen sci-fi survival movie named "Noah". Wasn't it amazing? A similar story has been tried to portray here. You will be selected as Guardian, the defender of the last city. All you are gonna do is protect the last shattered city from the aliens. This FPS game was released for Xbox and PS4 during Q3 2017. Give its multiplayer mode a try!